Gorgeous photo of Caroline Mutoko and her daughter


Caroline Mutoko the former radio queen who is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Radio Africa has introduced her daughter Nduku once again.

Mutoko has never been married but she is one proud mother to her daughter Theodora Nduku.

She is now a Youtuber and has been growing her Youtube channel by the day.

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The former radio presenter once shared  her deep story of how she adopted the little one and how she was deeply moved when she held her for the first time.

Caroline celebrated her daughter’s graduation in July and is waiting for four more graduations from her daughter going by the post she shared.


Caroline Mutoko is clearly in love with her daughter as she has shared a picture of them ready to go to bed after completing her homework.

Caroline shared the photo below with the caption

Silly picture✔
Goodnight 🤗


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